Two Weeks and Two Changes

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Last Thursday, the company I worked for eliminated sixteen positions, including mine. It was a shock, but I have since determined that this means the universe has awesome things in store for me. I’ve been making daily to-do lists and weekly goals, and so far I feel pretty good. Every now and then stray thoughts […]

Lots of Math and a Vacation

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It turns out I was right about the Great Panic we’ve had at work for the last three weeks. Between the stress and the overtime, it has been extremely difficult for me to be creative. (I’ve also been perpetually exhausted. This is just about as fun as it sounds.) Even though I still had progress […]

A Tale of Two Weeks

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Last week I was beautifully, transcendentally, back on schedule for my write 100k in a year goal! And this week everything fell apart. I had some seriously unproductive before-work-writing sessions and then to compound it, I ended up taking work home every night I planned to make up for my earlier failures. All told, I’ve […]

Steady Progress

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My early morning writing remains one of the best decisions in my life. I wrote 2,921 words for Uncanny Valley this week and another 4,835 for my Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch. I’m still failing at working on the rewatch during the week, but that’s okay because I’ve officially crossed the 100,000 word mark on […]

Writing Lifestyle Changes

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Last week I struggled with working up the motivation to write after frustrating days at work. I kept telling myself I deserved to relax, and it was too much to expect me to really go back to work after a day at the office. After a few self-indulgent days of pity, I realized I was […]

Really Good Excuses

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So it turns out that when one works thirty-two hours of overtime over the course of eleven days (one hundred and four hours total for those keeping track), it becomes extremely difficult to do anything besides work and sleep. Thus, I have a very good excuse for not doing my normal post last Friday and […]

A Rough Road Ahead

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The Great Semiannual Panic struck this week, and it struck hard. I spent all day Saturday working for my day job and spent the rest of the week working overtime or frantically trying to keep to my ATLA rewatch schedule. I had just enough buffer that I was able to hit my deadlines. I am […]