Action and Opportunity

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Somehow I wrote 1,701 words for The Dying Shrine even though I only wrote three days last week. I’d be more impressed with this number if I were consistently writing 567ish words every day. Someday I will be that awesome; until then, I will muddle on. This chapter has been difficult mostly because I didn’t […]

A Working Title and Adjusting My Focus

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After days of frustration, I finally settled on a working title for my Mythological-Heian-Era-Meets-Supernatural story. I’m now calling it The Dying Shrine, and yes, the ambiguity is intentional. Despite only writing three out of the last seven days, I managed to write 998 words. That puts February’s total at 6,417 words. The only thing that’s […]

Extended Vacation

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The holiday weekend did a number on me, and by that I mean I read three and a half books over the course of four days. That might not seem like a huge number, but book #2 was A Memory of Light, so that ate up half of Saturday and almost the entirety of Sunday. […]

A Long Weekend Ahead

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I’m slowly getting more and more words during my daily writing sessions. Part of this is because I have grown more comfortable with my characters; the other part is that I’m not researching this particular setting anymore, so that’s not slowing me down. I wrote 2,300 words in four days this week. I would have […]

Breaking Two Thousand

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My friends, I have written 2,020 words of fiction this week, which marks the first time in months I’ve broken the 2k barrier. This gives me a grand total of 4,957 words for January. You all have permission to begin basking in my awesomeness. I am no closer to a title this week than I […]

Not Quite as Awesome as Hoped

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A proper title for MHEMS continues to elude me, though Mary Beth suggested that I go research some Heian poetry to see if there’s anything there that’s worth stealing that speaks to me. I only wrote 1,102 words this week, which is acceptable considering that I didn’t write two days. (I didn’t write on Sunday […]

Three of Six Is Great

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Last week I set six goals for myself, and I accomplished three of them. I began writing MHEMS—which was a delight—but clearly I did not manage to figure out a title for the project. Right now I’m at a loss for what it could even be, so the file is simply named Mythological Japan. Maybe […]

The Year in Review

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It’s the final Friday of the year, which means it’s time for me to look back on everything I accomplished in 2012. And that means it’s time to talk about my crowning achievement: my Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch. I don’t think I truly understood just how much work this was going to be when […]

Christmas, Books, and the Rewatch

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This afternoon I bought a (fake, already lit, four-foot) Christmas tree and listened to Trans-Siberian Orchestra while I put it up. Mary Beth and I will be heading out in a bit to buy (color coordinating, sophisticated, fancy) ornaments, and overall I’m in a cheery mood. One of the other things I bought today was […]