When I Woke Up This Morning, I Was 27

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It amazes me how often I find myself thinking that I’m not an adult. I’ve been employed full-time for close to five years—isn’t that adulthood? I can support myself financially—isn’t that adulthood? I’ve signed rental contracts, had utilities under my name, given to charity, tried and failed and occasionally succeeded at creative projects, nurtured and […]

A Working Title and Adjusting My Focus

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After days of frustration, I finally settled on a working title for my Mythological-Heian-Era-Meets-Supernatural story. I’m now calling it The Dying Shrine, and yes, the ambiguity is intentional. Despite only writing three out of the last seven days, I managed to write 998 words. That puts February’s total at 6,417 words. The only thing that’s […]


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Word Count Avatar Rewatch: 4,868 Misc. Drabbles: 300 Uncanny Valley: 0 I’ve struggled for a while with trying to figure out where my problems with writing UV were coming from. Was I just bored with writing the story? Was I disheartened by similar books I’ve seen coming out lately? Had I gotten derailed at the […]