Rising to the Challenge

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The week before last was a difficult one—I only wrote one day out of seven. While it was an awesome day (to the tune of 1,180 words and the end of chapter seven), my consistency left much to be desired. I decided this week to change that and challenged myself to write at least a […]

Off to a Good Start

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Thanks to two astounding writing days, last week’s word count topped out at 2,702. It’s the first time since March that I’ve written over 2,000 words in a week, so I’m rather pleased by the numbers. April netted me a total of 6,987 words, and my goal for May is to surpass that by hitting […]

On Schedule for Decisions

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I spent a lot of time in March doing things other than writing, like launching Rich in Color, watching Shining Inheritance, and reading. Once you add in my birthday and other life disruptions, I only managed to write 4,818 words last month. This week went much better—I wrote 1,622 words and finished chapter five. This […]

Two Weeks and Two Changes

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Last Thursday, the company I worked for eliminated sixteen positions, including mine. It was a shock, but I have since determined that this means the universe has awesome things in store for me. I’ve been making daily to-do lists and weekly goals, and so far I feel pretty good. Every now and then stray thoughts […]