Action and Opportunity

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Somehow I wrote 1,701 words for The Dying Shrine even though I only wrote three days last week. I’d be more impressed with this number if I were consistently writing 567ish words every day. Someday I will be that awesome; until then, I will muddle on. This chapter has been difficult mostly because I didn’t […]

Making Preparations

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I have decided to do NaNoWriMo this year (though I will not be all official and sign up on the site and everything for I am lazy) because now that I finally shelved Uncanny Valley I am nicely positioned to give this crazy thing a shot. For that end, I have been making preparations of […]

Status Quo

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I wish I had something clever and/or exciting to say about my writing this last week. Instead, I just have my word counts: 2,639 words for Uncanny Valley and 3,887 for my ATLA rewatch. I’m still a little over 800 words behind where I ought to be for UV, but I have high hopes for […]

Find Books with Empowered Female Characters

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On March 2nd, a friend of mine pointed me toward Feminist Fantasy, a new website dedicated to creating a ginormous list of feminist-friendly fantasy books. I was thrilled. It was one of those moments where you didn’t know something was missing in your life until you suddenly discovered that thing existed. I grew up reading […]

Gender in Literary Circles & Sturgeon’s Law

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I love Twitter, mostly because it’s a great way to be distracted. Usually the distractions are short, but sometimes the links are so fascinating that I’ll get lost for hours. Over the last couple weeks, two very similar and equally depressing links floated through my Twitter feed. The first post is by VIDA, and you […]

LTUE Notes: Thursday Edition

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Yesterday was the first day of the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium, and I loved it. I’ve attended the symposium for the last several years, including stints of helping coordinate it. This year I am just an attendee, and I’m having a blast. I’ve decided to post each day’s notes for my own records […]


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First off, I want to announce that my strategy to reduce the time spent on my Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch totally worked. I knocked the time down to about four hours per episode—I timed it, even, to make sure—and realized only then that I’d been grossly underestimating how much time I’d been spending originally. […]

Above Water (So Far)

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The Great Semiannual Panic has been haunting me and my department. We have managed to survive, and while I didn’t get two weeks of rewatch done last weekend, I got enough that I was able to keep to my schedule. Between episodes four and five I wrote approximately 7,974 words of summary and commentary, and […]