Since Last We Met

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I’ve written a paltry 2,261 words for The Dying Shrine (that’s another chapter done) and 204 words for a random Cold Iron drabble (to lift Mary Beth’s spirits while she was stuck late at work). While a little progress is still progress, this all means that I’ve been spinning my wheels. I really want to […]

Off to a Good Start

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Thanks to two astounding writing days, last week’s word count topped out at 2,702. It’s the first time since March that I’ve written over 2,000 words in a week, so I’m rather pleased by the numbers. April netted me a total of 6,987 words, and my goal for May is to surpass that by hitting […]

Two Busy Weeks

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Between my family coming to town, getting Rich in Color all ready for our two new co-bloggers and one new contributor, and hunting for a job, I have had a very busy fourteen days. I also read two books (one for Rich in Color, the other for recharge time while family was in town), finished […]

Dissecting an Amazing Prologue

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I’m not going to advise you on prologue strengths/weaknesses. Instead, I want to dissect one of my favorite prologues in any type of media—the first five minutes of The Princess’s Man—and talk about why it works. The Princess’s Man is a 24-episode Korean historical drama (sageuk) that aired in 2011, and you can watch it […]

KDramas I’m Currently Watching

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That Winter the Wind Blows. (Currently Airing) What’s not to love in a melodrama about a gambler/con artist on the hook for 7.8 billion won (~US$7.8 million) to a mob boss thanks to a psycho ex-girlfriend framing him for the theft? After getting out of prison, Oh Soo has 100 days to come up with […]

Another Quick Update

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(Because a kdrama has me bawling and our hero and our heroine had better get their happy ending because I signed up for an exciting time travel, action/adventure, romance, happy ending story and not an exciting time travel, action/adventure, romance, TRAGEDY EVERYWHERE thing. On the other hand, I always approve of awesome, logical twists in […]