Birthday Week Interference

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So it turns out that it is very difficult to write consistently during your birthday week when you have a family party, spend two days making an amazing cake, have a friend birthday party, have dinner with family you haven’t seen in eight years, and need to prep more secret project things. I only managed […]

Readjusting Goals

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First of all, I wrote 557 words on my new-and-still-untitled-because-titles-are-my-nemesis project. Which is awesome, especially since I decided not to stress about writing the perfect opening now—everything can be fixed later. So long as I don’t let perfection paralyze me, things will be great. I also wrote 10,959 words for my ATLA rewatch. And yes, […]

Paralysis and Flossing

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Since I last reported, I’ve written 11,172 words for my ATLA rewatch and 118 words for Uncanny Valley. With that out of the way, let’s get to the important part of my post, shall we? My word count stats and posts over the last two months should have made it very clear that I’ve been […]

Back (For the Moment) and Ready to Go

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It’s been three weeks since I’ve last made a writing update, which I apologize for. I will endeavor do better in the future (though it may be impossible to post next Friday). Let’s start with the impressive news, shall we? Since you last saw me, I have posted 18,784 words in my Avatar: The Last […]

Lots of Math and a Vacation

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It turns out I was right about the Great Panic we’ve had at work for the last three weeks. Between the stress and the overtime, it has been extremely difficult for me to be creative. (I’ve also been perpetually exhausted. This is just about as fun as it sounds.) Even though I still had progress […]

Writing Lifestyle Changes

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Last week I struggled with working up the motivation to write after frustrating days at work. I kept telling myself I deserved to relax, and it was too much to expect me to really go back to work after a day at the office. After a few self-indulgent days of pity, I realized I was […]

Simple Math for the New Year

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At the start of 2011 I had just one goal: to get Uncanny Valley started. I took all of January to work on character biographies and my first ever Spreadsheet of Awesome, and when February came around I started writing. My goal was to write 1,000 words a week from February on–roughly 48,000 words for […]

Starting a New Job

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This week was the 29th Annual Life, the Universe & Everything Symposium at BYU. This was my second year being part of the committee and my fourth year attending. Over the course of the conference I heard a lot of advice and took pages of notes. While I could go on for hours about what […]