The Universe is Wrong

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I’ve been at the Life, the Universe, and Everything symposium for the last two days, and it has been an exhausting and awesome experience. Yesterday when I was thinking about what to write about for today’s post, I thought I would talk about LTUE (as an attendee instead of staff) or the weird and cool […]

LTUE Notes: Friday Edition

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Another day of LTUE is over, and I’m feeling just as tired and just as educated as I did yesterday. Come Sunday I will probably put up a more coherent essay on my experiences at large, but it’s way too late now and I still need to do my normal Friday post. Today was a […]

LTUE Notes: Thursday Edition

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Yesterday was the first day of the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium, and I loved it. I’ve attended the symposium for the last several years, including stints of helping coordinate it. This year I am just an attendee, and I’m having a blast. I’ve decided to post each day’s notes for my own records […]

Good News & Questionable News

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First, the good news! I got the eighth installment of my Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch out the door on time to the tune of 4,134 words. I am slightly behind on episode nine, but I am optimistic that the work I’ve taken home this weekend won’t hinder me too much. As long as I […]

Guest Ideas for LTUE XXX

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Next year is LTUE’s thirtieth anniversary. At our meeting this Saturday (JKB 4035 @ 1:00 p.m., if you’re interested in joining the committee) one of our discussion topics will be who we could invite to be guests of honor for this special occasion. We’re looking for writers, artists, agents, editors, and other professionals involved in […]

LTUE Notes

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I helped run LTUE this weekend, and luckily for me I was actually able to sit in on quite a few panels this year in between running about and managing the green room. A couple of my friends asked for my notes, and I figured I’d oblige the rest of the internet as well. Unfortunately, […]