Dissecting an Amazing Prologue

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I’m not going to advise you on prologue strengths/weaknesses. Instead, I want to dissect one of my favorite prologues in any type of media—the first five minutes of The Princess’s Man—and talk about why it works. The Princess’s Man is a 24-episode Korean historical drama (sageuk) that aired in 2011, and you can watch it […]

The Competitive Spirit

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Last Sunday I challenged several of my friends to a writing competition, and apparently that was all I needed to get my act together. My writing week was about perfect, save for skipping Friday’s session due to a headache and laziness. From Monday through Thursday, I wrote just over 4,500 words, and I am absolutely […]

An Aborted Recovery

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Last week I was ridiculously excited about being able to start writing again. It didn’t go so well. I didn’t quite manage 1,300 words last week. Granted, I did work overtime on two different nights, but I slacked off on Friday and didn’t even bother to try catching up on Saturday. Apparently the Wheel of […]

This Close to Tearing My Hair Out

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At this point it’s just getting ridiculous. I wrote 1,752 words last week. Part of me should be pleased as that was just Monday and Tuesday’s work. The rest of me is just upset that it’s only Monday and Tuesday. I meant to write all this week. But on Wednesday night, while I was chopping […]

A Little Improvement

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This week I managed to get my writing life in gear for the most part. Thursday and Friday were difficult for me, and both nights I either ended early or spent my writing time wandering Craigslist searching for apartments I couldn’t even move into for four months at least. Luckily I was able to call […]

Falling Short

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Last week didn’t go well. My non-stop typing at work continued, and despite my braces I decided to give my arms a break on Friday and Saturday. Not writing on Wednesday and Thursday was just me being lazy and using my extra hour at work each night as justification for not working. I only wrote […]

Unexpected Obstacles

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This week was difficult at my day job. While I only had to stay late one night, I spent almost all of my time typing. This is highly unusual, and by the time Thursday evening rolled around, my arms, wrists, and hands were aching. My desk is too high for marathon typing, and on Friday […]

Scheduled Success

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This week was great for me. My day job didn’t interfere too much, so I made all of my weeknight sessions and wrote 4,307 words. I also reviewed WAKE by Lisa McMann. I’m getting really excited about Uncanny Valley. Sure, I enjoyed it before, but the first zombie has just shown up and killed someone. […]