Action and Opportunity

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Somehow I wrote 1,701 words for The Dying Shrine even though I only wrote three days last week. I’d be more impressed with this number if I were consistently writing 567ish words every day. Someday I will be that awesome; until then, I will muddle on. This chapter has been difficult mostly because I didn’t […]

A Working Title and Adjusting My Focus

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After days of frustration, I finally settled on a working title for my Mythological-Heian-Era-Meets-Supernatural story. I’m now calling it The Dying Shrine, and yes, the ambiguity is intentional. Despite only writing three out of the last seven days, I managed to write 998 words. That puts February’s total at 6,417 words. The only thing that’s […]

Extended Vacation

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The holiday weekend did a number on me, and by that I mean I read three and a half books over the course of four days. That might not seem like a huge number, but book #2 was A Memory of Light, so that ate up half of Saturday and almost the entirety of Sunday. […]

A Long Weekend Ahead

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I’m slowly getting more and more words during my daily writing sessions. Part of this is because I have grown more comfortable with my characters; the other part is that I’m not researching this particular setting anymore, so that’s not slowing me down. I wrote 2,300 words in four days this week. I would have […]

Breaking Two Thousand

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My friends, I have written 2,020 words of fiction this week, which marks the first time in months I’ve broken the 2k barrier. This gives me a grand total of 4,957 words for January. You all have permission to begin basking in my awesomeness. I am no closer to a title this week than I […]

Not Quite as Awesome as Hoped

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A proper title for MHEMS continues to elude me, though Mary Beth suggested that I go research some Heian poetry to see if there’s anything there that’s worth stealing that speaks to me. I only wrote 1,102 words this week, which is acceptable considering that I didn’t write two days. (I didn’t write on Sunday […]

Three of Six Is Great

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Last week I set six goals for myself, and I accomplished three of them. I began writing MHEMS—which was a delight—but clearly I did not manage to figure out a title for the project. Right now I’m at a loss for what it could even be, so the file is simply named Mythological Japan. Maybe […]

A Title, Two Names, and Some Floundering

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I’m sure you’ll all be happy to note that my visual novel—previously referred to as RaJWLBLaFIaMCfA—now has the working title of Civil Blood. If your freshman English teacher did not require you to memorize a passage of Romeo and Juliet, you probably don’t remember the reference from the prologue: “Two households, both alike in dignity,/In […]