Sixteen Days Ago

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My roommate, Mary Beth, and I were planning on moving into a new apartment the first Saturday of 2014. In preparation for it, we started packing mid-December. During this packing phase, Mary Beth ended up with some muscle pain; we figured she had pulled something. The muscle pain got worse (and moved places) over the […]

An A Cappella Weekend

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Last Thursday my mother and my brother Brandon came into town. In this case came means they got dropped off in Burley, Idaho, and I had to drive three hours (each way) to fetch them. I’ve driven that stretch of road several times since June of 2008, when I bought my car. Once you leave […]

Two Weeks and Two Changes

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Last Thursday, the company I worked for eliminated sixteen positions, including mine. It was a shock, but I have since determined that this means the universe has awesome things in store for me. I’ve been making daily to-do lists and weekly goals, and so far I feel pretty good. Every now and then stray thoughts […]

Selected Birthday Highlights

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On Sunday, my sister Mandy and her husband hosted a family birthday party. We had lasagna, baguettes, salad, and chocolate cake, and it was a lot of fun to hang out with three of my siblings, my brother-in-law, a cousin, and Mary Beth. Monday and Tuesday evenings were spent making this amazing cake: Mary Beth […]

When I Woke Up This Morning, I Was 27

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It amazes me how often I find myself thinking that I’m not an adult. I’ve been employed full-time for close to five years—isn’t that adulthood? I can support myself financially—isn’t that adulthood? I’ve signed rental contracts, had utilities under my name, given to charity, tried and failed and occasionally succeeded at creative projects, nurtured and […]