LTUE Notes: Friday Edition

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Another day of LTUE is over, and I’m feeling just as tired and just as educated as I did yesterday. Come Sunday I will probably put up a more coherent essay on my experiences at large, but it’s way too late now and I still need to do my normal Friday post. Today was a […]

LTUE Notes: Thursday Edition

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Yesterday was the first day of the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium, and I loved it. I’ve attended the symposium for the last several years, including stints of helping coordinate it. This year I am just an attendee, and I’m having a blast. I’ve decided to post each day’s notes for my own records […]

LTUE Notes

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I helped run LTUE this weekend, and luckily for me I was actually able to sit in on quite a few panels this year in between running about and managing the green room. A couple of my friends asked for my notes, and I figured I’d oblige the rest of the internet as well. Unfortunately, […]