Action and Opportunity

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Somehow I wrote 1,701 words for The Dying Shrine even though I only wrote three days last week. I’d be more impressed with this number if I were consistently writing 567ish words every day. Someday I will be that awesome; until then, I will muddle on. This chapter has been difficult mostly because I didn’t […]

Find Books with Empowered Female Characters

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On March 2nd, a friend of mine pointed me toward Feminist Fantasy, a new website dedicated to creating a ginormous list of feminist-friendly fantasy books. I was thrilled. It was one of those moments where you didn’t know something was missing in your life until you suddenly discovered that thing existed. I grew up reading […]

Gender in Literary Circles & Sturgeon’s Law

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I love Twitter, mostly because it’s a great way to be distracted. Usually the distractions are short, but sometimes the links are so fascinating that I’ll get lost for hours. Over the last couple weeks, two very similar and equally depressing links floated through my Twitter feed. The first post is by VIDA, and you […]

A Rough Road Ahead

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The Great Semiannual Panic struck this week, and it struck hard. I spent all day Saturday working for my day job and spent the rest of the week working overtime or frantically trying to keep to my ATLA rewatch schedule. I had just enough buffer that I was able to hit my deadlines. I am […]