Weekly Report

Two Busy Weeks

Between my family coming to town, getting Rich in Color all ready for our two new co-bloggers and one new contributor, and hunting for a job, I have had a very busy fourteen days. I also read two books (one for Rich in Color, the other for recharge time while family was in town), finished watching Arang and the Magistrate with Mary Beth and Beth (delightfully angsty with a satisfying ending), and cleaned the kitchen about eighty billion times (because that’s what happens when both you and your roommate are amazing cooks).

Consequently, my word count is a bit on the thin side—just 1,867 words. That’s okay. Next week will be more productive, both for novel writing and for blogging. I have been feeling the urge to try to cook something new (or a favorite I haven’t done in a while) and then blog about it, like I did for the biscotti earlier this year. We shall see.