Weekly Report

Since Last We Met

I’ve written a paltry 2,261 words for The Dying Shrine (that’s another chapter done) and 204 words for a random Cold Iron drabble (to lift Mary Beth’s spirits while she was stuck late at work). While a little progress is still progress, this all means that I’ve been spinning my wheels. I really want to show off Noriko’s home life before the next plot coupon tries to kill people, but right now that feels like an unnecessary indulgence. Unless I can figure out how to ninja in some plot (or trio development) into the domesticity, I am going to have to do a time-skip of about four days. This shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but I’ve skipped very little time in the story so far, and to skip so much time annoys me.

I have been watching a lot of kdramas lately, including a complete rewatch of Secret Garden. Two and a half years and several levels of feminism later, I found a lot more problematic elements that I had either forgotten about or missed entirely, which made me sad. The bungled magical plot thread also bugged me a lot more this time around. (The first time around I was so thrilled that maybe we could actually have a Happily Ever After that I didn’t mind if some nonsensical shortcuts were taken by the writers.)

Then again, I always feel a little bad for criticizing the last four or so episodes of kdramas because I know that the writers, actors, and staff are suffering under crazy live-shoot system deadlines. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that if they had additional time they could have made the show better than it ended up being. That’s the luxury of novel writing, I suppose: I have lots and lots of time to edit, re-write, and figure out what on earth I’m doing.

This weekend I need to decide on a book for my next Rich in Color review. Now that it’s mid-June, I am craving a couple of books to read by the pool.