Selected Birthday Highlights

On Sunday, my sister Mandy and her husband hosted a family birthday party. We had lasagna, baguettes, salad, and chocolate cake, and it was a lot of fun to hang out with three of my siblings, my brother-in-law, a cousin, and Mary Beth.

Monday and Tuesday evenings were spent making this amazing cake:


Mary Beth and I added hazelnut flavoring to the filling (and toasted the chopped hazelnuts that went on top). This was one of the prettiest cakes we have ever made.

On Wednesday (my actual birthday), I came into work to find my desk decorated and covered in candy, as is tradition for my department:


After work, Mary Beth, Beth, Amanda, and I went to Mahider’s for some seriously tasty Ethiopian food. Then we retreated to my apartment to eat the hazelnut chocolate cake (which was divine), watch YouTube videos, and talk about racial/ethnic diversity (with a side-order of feminism) in popular media. My friends are awesome.

Thursday was another family day, though this time with an added aunt, uncle, and cousin I hadn’t seen eight years. We had a fun, low-key dinner at Mimi’s Café.

Then on Friday, my department treated me to for lunch. I got to spend all of Saturday hanging out with Mary Beth, two of her sisters, one brother-in-law, and one boyfriend. We had delicious scones for breakfast, went to the farmer’s market (goat cheese, sharpened knives, and CSA information for all!), watched House of Flying Daggers and were astonished by everything we had forgotten, and then went out for sushi.

All in all, an excellent week. Thanks, everyone!