Weekly Report

Rising to the Challenge

The week before last was a difficult one—I only wrote one day out of seven. While it was an awesome day (to the tune of 1,180 words and the end of chapter seven), my consistency left much to be desired.

I decided this week to change that and challenged myself to write at least a thousand words every weekday. In the end, I didn’t achieve perfection, but I did write four out of five days. Those four days gave me 3,942 words and the entirety of chapter eight. All of those words didn’t come easy, especially since I am still writing without an outline. But they still came—I just had to sit down at my computer for a few hours each day and force myself to write.

Rich in Color continues to be a highlight of my week. Jon has been working on the site re-design—it’s fantastic. I read The Summer Prince last week in preparation for our upcoming group discussion on the book, and I’ve asked another author if she would be willing to do a guest post/interview for us. She has accepted, but we’re still working out the details of it all. Our followers continue to grow on Twitter (67) and Tumblr (77).

In other words, life is good. I’m going to challenge myself to write a thousand words a day this upcoming week as well. I also need to finish Range of Ghosts and ready Awakening. Wish me luck!