Book Reviews

Review Policies

What kinds of books do you review?
I am primarily interested in reviewing young adult speculative fiction. This includes, but is not limited to, the following genres:

  • Fantasy (epic, heroic, urban, paranormal, steampunk, etc.)
  • Science-fiction (space opera, military, hard, etc.)
  • Dystopian/Post-apocalyptic
  • Horror

If your book contains people of color (particularly with a female POV), I want to know about and review your book ASAP. I may review adult books on occasion, but I am more selective about them. I’ll likely decline any adult books that do not have both a female POV and people of color.

I will not review the following types of books:

  • Non-fiction
  • Contemporary
  • Erotica
  • Self-published and/or electronic-only

Requests for reviews or additional information can be sent to admin AT audreymgonzalez DOT com. I will accept physical copies (including ARCs) and electronic copies through NetGalley.

I anticipate reviewing most books that I accept ARCs/electronic galleys for. Please note that this does not mean the book will receive a positive review. If I decline to review a book after material has been sent, I will inform the submitter and send any physical material to another person of the submitter’s choosing (continental U.S. only).


How do you rate books?
I dislike numerical ratings as they’re difficult to translate into action. What am I supposed to do about a four-star book as opposed to a three-star book? Instead, my ranking system is as follows:

Buy it now. This book is definitely worth your hard-earned money in hardcover. Skip an evening out or live on tuna fish and ramen noodles for a couple of meals in order to purchase this book. While the book isn’t perfect, it’s pretty close. The minimal flaws it has don’t detract from the reading experience.

Get it soon. If you’ve got the spare cash or can borrow it in the next couple months from a friend or the library, go for it. Fans of the genre will really enjoy this book, but if this isn’t your thing, there’s no rush. The book has some minor flaws that are distracting.

Borrow it someday. Unless the premise speaks to you, this book is one you can miss out on. Borrowing this from a friend or the library is your best bet since there are better books to spend your money on. The book has some major flaws that keep it from being great.

Just skip it. Not worth your time. The book is gutted by serious problems that greatly detract from a reader’s enjoyment.


What books have you reviewed?
You can click here to see all of my reviews.


Do you have any disclaimers?
I have not been compensated (in cash, goods, or services) for any of my reviews.

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