KDramas I’m Currently Watching

That Winter the Wind Blows. (Currently Airing) What’s not to love in a melodrama about a gambler/con artist on the hook for 7.8 billion won (~US$7.8 million) to a mob boss thanks to a psycho ex-girlfriend framing him for the theft? After getting out of prison, Oh Soo has 100 days to come up with the money or else a friend-turned-mortal-enemy hitman will take great pleasure in killing him. His best chance at getting the money is to assume the identity of a deceased friend, who was both conveniently named Oh Soo and the only son of GL Group’s deceased chairman. Can Oh Soo fool Young, the deceased chairman’s blind daughter, and her associates into believing he’s her estranged brother before he falls in love with her and Young’s brain explodes of a brain tumor? I have no idea, but there are a lot of pretty people in a lot of emotional turmoil with very complicated motives and fauxcest everywhere, so it’s quite the ride. (8 seen; 11 episodes aired of 16)

Arang and the Magistrate. (2012) Based on a famous Korean folktale, this show revolves around Arang and her attempt to find out what really happened the night she was murdered. With the help (and possible romance?) of a bastard-nobleman-that-can-see-ghosts-turned-reluctant-magistrate, Arang searches for clues to her mortal life and who killed her. The Jade Emperor and King of Hell are also moving pieces behind the scenes to discover why souls are going missing and to put everything back to rights. There’s also an evil nobleman, his slightly less evil son, and an eldritch abomination in disguise running about as well. The show is at turns cute, creepy, and awkwardly hilarious. I’m watching it with Mary Beth and Beth, so progress has been slow. (12 of 20 episodes)

Shining Inheritance. (2009) A modern Cinderella-retelling centered on the character, Eun Sung, who gets kicked out of the house with her autistic younger brother by their stepmother after their father dies. Stepsister is thus far not wicked, but she lacks the gumption to truly stand up to her mother. The “prince charming” is the grandson of a self-made wealthy food manufacturer/restaurateur, who also happens to function as the fairy godmother of the piece. As of the last episode I watched, prince charming still needed a good shin-kicking, and the fairy godmother decided she’d had enough of his (and his sister’s and his mother’s) spoiled antics and declared our heroine the heir to her food company (due to complicated in-universe reasons that mostly make sense). Also, there’s a restaurant owner who’s sweet on Eun Sung and will probably not get the girl once prince charming gets his act together and the story teaches him not to be a terrible human being. Until then, I will root for secondary man. (6 of 28 episodes)

What visual media are you consuming right now?