Chocolate-Drizzled Salted Caramel Biscotti

Mary Beth and I were at Costco last weekend, and we spotted a display of salted caramel chocolate biscotti as we wandered up and down the aisles. While we were tempted—grocery shopping on an empty stomach is a universally terrible decision—the high price point and the quantity (two people do not need four dozen biscotti, even if they desired them greatly) ultimately meant we opted out of the purchase.

But it was salted caramel chocolate biscotti, so the desire lingered in the back of my mind. I even went so far as to look up a simple recipe that evening. We had everything we needed—except for the caramel. As that is an integral part of making salted caramel chocolate biscotti, I shelved the recipe and read books instead.

Mary Beth and I have been carpooling separately lately since her work has been evil and she’s needed to pull a lot of overtime. Since we needed celery for the wraps for today’s lunch (tuna fish, celery, red onions, pickles, pecans—when I can remember them—and lettuce in a multigrain wrap), I swung by the store after work last night and picked up a bunch of celery and a bag of caramels.

I’d never made biscotti before, but they were surprisingly easy after I cleaned up the kitchen. The store didn’t have the neatly packaged caramel bites the recipe recommends, so I was forced to chop the caramel cubes up with a knife. (It was as annoying and tedious as it sounds.) My one panic moment came after the first baking. The caramel on the outside of the logs melted all over the pan and turned a nasty dark brownish color. I scraped the burned bits off of the logs before it could cool and set, and everything turned out unburned and pretty despite initial assessments.

Otherwise the process was quite simple, especially since I decided to forgo dipping the biscotti in chocolate. Instead, I melted half a cup of chocolate chips and combined the gooey mess with 1 tsp canola oil to thin it out so it was easier to drizzle over the biscotti. Then I sprinkled the biscotti with several pinches of kosher salt.

Mmm, salty-sweet caramel and chocolate. I had biscotti today for an afternoon snack, and I’m certain I’ll be devouring several more tonight. These biscotti are soft enough they can be eaten without having to dunk them into coffee or hot chocolate, but they’re probably sturdy enough to be consumed that way.

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