An A Cappella Weekend

Last Thursday my mother and my brother Brandon came into town. In this case came means they got dropped off in Burley, Idaho, and I had to drive three hours (each way) to fetch them. I’ve driven that stretch of road several times since June of 2008, when I bought my car. Once you leave the Wasatch Front, it’s basically a big stretch of nothing, occasionally interrupted by tiny towns, truck stops, and ranch exits.

[Every time I make that drive, I can’t help but look at those miniscule towns like Snowville (population 167 in 2010) and think Brigham Young told your ancestors to settle there—you don’t have to stay! Until I left home for college, the largest town I remember living in had only 3,000 people in it, but it was only 15 minutes from a city with close to 150,000 people in it. Sorry, folks, but I like my sushi and speedy access to hospitals too much to live out there.]

The reason my mom and Brandon were in town was to see Cassie perform with her a cappella group, Noteworthy. They had two performances: one solo at the Covey Center on Friday night and one (with Voiceline and Vocal Point) at The Wall on Saturday night. Noteworthy is a great group, and you don’t have to take my word for it:

Cassie had solos on Friday night (but not on Saturday, woes!) when the group sang “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)” from Hercules and “Some Nights” by fun. (Yes, they did skip the verse with the f-bomb in it.) I’m definitely biased, but I thought Cassie did an amazing job at both of them.

The joint concert on Saturday was a lot of fun, despite the lack of seats. We (my mom, Brandon, my sister Mandy, her husband Trever, and cousin Steven) staked out spots at the very front, which meant we had some alarmingly close encounters with the Vocal Point boys when they decided to start leaping off the stage during certain songs. If you haven’t heard of them, just search for them on YouTube so you can be amazed. Voiceline (the a cappella group from UVU) did a great job, too—especially since they’d only been together since January.

When we weren’t attending Noteworthy performances, we spent a lot of time hanging out. Mandy and Trever were gracious enough to let me and Mom stay overnight (while Brandon stayed with Steven the first night), so we didn’t waste time on traveling back and forth. We went to In-N-Out Burger (Brandon’s request) and Café Zupas (Mom’s request), watched The Walking Dead and Treasure Planet, met my brother Beto’s current girlfriend, and helped Mandy and Trever move their first few boxes into the new home they bought.

It was a very busy, but very fun weekend. I’m glad I was able to see half of my immediate family, and I’m looking forward to this summer, when I get to see everyone.