Weekly Report

A Rather Social Week

While this week’s word count isn’t spectacular—just 1,287 words—I have officially completed the initial plot hook and moved on to part two of the book. This would be way more exciting for me if I had actually figured out what needed to happen in the mountains with all the wandering ghosts and the final member of the trio, but I wanted to try writing this book without everything mapped out beforehand.

Unfortunately, all that leaves me to go on is confusion and second-guessing at the start of a new chapter. I really ought to tattoo it’s okay if the first draft sucks in inspirational font on the back of my hands. Barring that, the best strategy I have to deal with new and uncertain things is to tackle them with a sledgehammer. My rather ambitious goal is to write 1,000 words each on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe by the end of that I will have figured out what on earth should happen in this next segment.

I spent Monday evening hanging out with Gwynne, who was in town for family stuff. It was a blast to catch up with her face-to-face, especially since we staked out a table at Café Zupas for three hours and did not budge except to refill drinks. Instead of boring you with all the details of our conversation, I’ll sum it up in a single sentence: there are few things as delightful as talking to somebody who understands your drive to create worlds with words.

Tonight was a lot of fun as well. I met up with Mandy, Trever, and Beto for dinner, and afterwards we rendezvoused with Steven; his sister, Rachel; and his mom, my Aunt Maria. I’ve never been to a mission call opening before, and it was exciting—especially when he got called to the mission my family is in! Now Steven will have to learn to conjugate his Spanish verbs. Best of luck to him on that.