Weekly Report

Stressed and Making Use of It

Today I realized that I come up with the best ideas when I’m under a ton of stress. This is extremely unfortunate since I really only get stressed out when I’m low on free time and don’t feel like I can indulge these new ideas. Between LTUE recovery and deadlines at work, I’m at the twitchy-and-almost-incapable-of-coherent-thought stage of stress.

It’s not very fun.

This hasn’t stopped me from setting some difficult goals. (Because apparently work stress isn’t enough—I have to add additional things on top of it!) And besides, if I can actually be proactive about my ambitions during times of extreme stress, then there’s a good shot I’ll continue to follow through on my goals during slower, lazier times.


Goal the First: Tweet a writing prompt every day. I got a huge (for me) surge of followers thanks to my LTUE tweeting, and I’d like to have something interesting to keep them entertained. So far I am one for one!

Goal the Second: Compose a writing-related post every Wednesday. This means my site will be updated three times a week (Mondays for the Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch, Wednesdays for the writing-related posts, and Fridays for my weekly report). This will give me content that’s relevant to more than just my family and friends (“building a history” as my friend Gwynne says).

In order to stay on top of everything this very stressful three-day weekend, I’ve made a massive to-do list. The sheer scale would—

Nope, can’t spare the time or brainpower to come up with a stunning turn of phrase. I shall wrap up instead:

  • In case you didn’t have a chance to listen to the MP3 of James Owens’ main address at LTUE, you can legally download the book for free over the next couple days. Best do it quick!
  • Don’t forget to take a look at this post by Shannon Hale re: the completely abysmal male/female ratio in animated movies. Have you tallied up your stats lately and given them a good look?
  • And because it’s fun to watch the numbers climb, I wrote 7,309 words between ATLA rewatch episodes 1.09 and 1.10. (If you’re not keeping track with me, that’s 36,635 words so far. Yikes.)