Weekly Report

Status Quo

I wish I had something clever and/or exciting to say about my writing this last week. Instead, I just have my word counts: 2,639 words for Uncanny Valley and 3,887 for my ATLA rewatch. I’m still a little over 800 words behind where I ought to be for UV, but I have high hopes for Monday. (Huzzah for a holiday!) With the proper discipline, I hope to close that gap and start building up a buffer again for my rewatch.

My early morning writing schedule continues to be the best decisions I’ve ever made. My writing output is largely steady (barring sudden spider attacks), practically to the point of being uneventful. It’s not very exciting to say that all goes as planned. But it has.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I had a new story idea spring upon me that I am quite taken with. It’s about a female onmyouji and a warrior monk who wander about a fictional Heian Era-inspired fantasy Japan, taking down youkai and onryou and getting caught up in the political (and physical) struggles of the noble class.

To that end, I have acquired a Tumblr. My purpose is two-fold: to make it easier to watch the Tumblrs I already like and to start collecting world building information and story/character inspiration. Whatever this story idea turns out to be (right now I haven’t even decided if the story will be YA or not), I know I’m going to have to do a ton of research. I know comparatively little about the Heian Era and much less about onmyoudou, court life, and warrior monks. Plus there’s all the things I don’t know yet that I don’t know.

I won’t be touching this story until UV is done, and that’s okay. Sometimes things just need to percolate.