Weekly Report


First off, I want to announce that my strategy to reduce the time spent on my Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch totally worked. I knocked the time down to about four hours per episode—I timed it, even, to make sure—and realized only then that I’d been grossly underestimating how much time I’d been spending originally.

This week I posted 7,440 words of ATLA commentary, which is awesome. However, even shaved down to eight hours a week instead of 12+, I am still spending too much time on the rewatch. Though it pains me to say it, I’ll be cutting my schedule down to just Mondays. It was either that or be okay with a reduction in brilliance, and I just couldn’t bring myself to settle.

(The date-conscious among you will note that Wednesday is the first of February, which means even with this schedule reduction I will have met my MW January posting goal and can now go splurge on all the pretty things I’ve been bribing myself with for the past month. February 1st also means pay day, so I can actually purchase the things I’ve been bribing myself with.)

Of course, this reduction in rewatch posting has a purpose: to get me back to writing Uncanny Valley, which I haven’t touched since Christmas Eve at 4:13 p.m. Pacific Time. Don’t you just love computers and their ability to shame you with such accurate records? I’ve redone my 100k-words-of-fiction-in-a-year math and come up with the reasonable rate of 299 words/day or approximately 2,100 words/week (assuming a February 1st start date.)

I can do this. I’ve been writing between 7,000 and 8,000 words a week for the rewatch on a strict deadline. I can totally do a 4,000-word rewatch post and 2,100 words of fiction and still be doing just fine. I may even be able to spend time reading!

And to close out I have a couple interesting links I thought people might be interested in:

  • A critique of Skyrim’s opening. I absolute love the Extra Credits team, and while they are video-game centric, much of what they say can be applicable to writing in general. What I love about this video is that it takes Skyrim, a(n allegedly) brilliant video game that does many things right, and points out how very much its intro is made of fail in comparison to a nearly identical scene in CoD:MW. This despite the fact that the scenes in both games deal with characters being hauled off to their executions.
  • Lee & Low Books posted a Q&A summary of the writing cross-culturally #yalitchat. I got quoted in the summary! You can find the full transcript here. The summary is much easier to read as it doesn’t have eighty billion conversations going on at once.
  • Author Jim C. Hines is amazingly honest about his writing income and why he still has a day job. Having never been paid for my writing, I’m horribly jealous, but being a full-time employee I know just how hard you have to work to earn that much at a normal 9 to 5 job—and this was his second-best year ever. And it’s still not enough for him to be a full-time writer (what with a family and health insurance concerns).