Weekly Report

Making Preparations

I have decided to do NaNoWriMo this year (though I will not be all official and sign up on the site and everything for I am lazy) because now that I finally shelved Uncanny Valley I am nicely positioned to give this crazy thing a shot. For that end, I have been making preparations of a sort.

I have been doing two things. The first is listening to Writing Excuses during my commute and when I am doing tasks at work that do not require the language parts of my brain. (It is easier to pay attention to what people are saying when you are hot gluing things together as opposed to when you are trying to write project instructions.) I have just been skipping around the seasons based on whichever episodes I think might be relevant to my still-without-a-working-title project.

The second thing I have been doing is trying to write thumbnail sketches of this project. Thumbnail sketches are something Mary Robinette Kowal mentioned on one of the dozens episodes of Writing Excuses I’ve listened to lately. Seriously, I have no idea which one it is, I have listened to so many lately. The basic idea is to write out six or so paragraph summaries on directions you could take your idea. The one that makes you go OOOOOH, THAT ONE, THAT ONE is the one you should go with.

So far I’ve only written two of them, but both of those paragraphs have given me interesting characterization tidbits that I’m going to have to mull over for a while. I have done some initial brainstorming on the remaining four sketches, which I hope to complete this week.

Not a whole lot of excitement happening right now, but that’s because I’m building the foundation for future awesomeness. Next week I will have finished my thumbnail sketches and picked one to use as a jumping off point for my story. And if I get new ink, I will be printing out this sucker and putting it on my wall.

In other news, I just realized that I had skipped an episode when I plotted out the dates for posting the ATLA rewatch and now I will be putting the season/series wrap up on Christmas Eve. The last quarter of the rewatch is going to be crazy—five posts in twelve days—which means I need to start building up a buffer again ASAP. I will not let this conflict with NaNoWriMo. My word count for the last two weeks is 12,059 words for the ATLA rewatch.