DiversityWeekly Report

A Rough Road Ahead

The Great Semiannual Panic struck this week, and it struck hard. I spent all day Saturday working for my day job and spent the rest of the week working overtime or frantically trying to keep to my ATLA rewatch schedule. I had just enough buffer that I was able to hit my deadlines.

I am still awed by what I’m doing with the rewatch. Right now I’ve written over 9,000 words for it (though some of it was written in December, but I didn’t report the words then so I say they all count now). I’ve kept my schedule for two weeks, and this weekend my goal is to get two weeks’ posts written.

Why two weeks? Because the GSP is an ongoing event, and I have been warned that next week will be brutal. I need to be ready for the possibility of not having the time/energy to write anything more than what I get to this weekend.

The pressure and stress are mounting, but I’m going to rise to the occasion. I’ll leave you with two links before I go, though.

1) The #yalitchat transcript from January 4th. Every Wednesday the YA literature crowd–authors, editors, readers, aspiring writer folks–get together on Twitter and chat about different topics. Last week’s chat was all about writing cross-culturally and Stacy Whitman and Karen Sandler. If you look closely, you’ll see me in there! Definitely worth a read if you have the time.

2) An interview with Stacy (again) about writing cross-culturally.

Here’s hoping I can stay on top of my rewatch this week. Did you notice how I didn’t mention my fiction word count?