Something’s Missing

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As I’m sure you all remember, I have been resting from the computer since last Wednesday. It has been a frustrating experience, mostly because I have to tell you all that I’ve written absolutely nothing this week.

One good thing came of this: I realized just how much I missed writing. Longed to do it, even. I take that as a very good sign.

I got my desk lowered last week, and I’m pretty sure that things have been getting better. I haven’t had much tingling anymore (and the tingling was in all the wrong places for carpal tunnel, so huzzah for that), just some muscle weakness. I’m going to start writing again tomorrow, though I reserve the right to stop if I start hurting again. But I hope I don’t. I hope this is all over with, and I can get back on with my writing.

Speaking of continuing on, I though you guys might like this post from another aspiring novelist. It’s good to hear that other people believe in the Determinator, because that is who I aspire to be.

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