How Do You Eat an Elephant?

On Monday I decided it was high time I started being ambitious again, and to that end I decided to do some calculations. A rough estimate said that I could finish the first draft of Uncanny Valley in about 35,000 words and when I divided that into the number of days left in the year, I got approximately 650 words per day. Immediately I made 650 words/day my goal, and for Monday and Tuesday that worked. But from Wednesday on things got in the way–tv shows, kdramas, general fun–and I didn’t hit my goals.

I made a desperate attempt today to do five days’ worth of writing, which failed. However, I did manage a respectable 2k (and change) words, and I am counting that as a victory, especially since it got me across the 45k word mark for the first draft. Granted, that may not be particularly impressive spread across nine and a half months, but I’m still excited by it.

I’ve re-done the math, and I can still hit my goal of 77k words (and possibly a finished draft) by the end of the year so long as I can hit 675 words/day.

Broken down like that, it doesn’t seem like such a huge goal, does it? I just need to take this one day–and one bite–at a time.